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New Feature To Make More Money As A SQZIn Affiliate

You know that SQZIn is a great way to find viral content, share it with your audience and add your own call to action (CTA) to generate leads for your business don’t you? Hopefully you have squeezed a number of links with your membership and shared these on social media and other places.

If SQZIn is helping you to generate leads then it will help others. The good news is that you can help others discover the power of SQZIn and make money at the same time. We are talking about the very generous SQZIn affiliate program here.

We are operating an affiliate program for SQZIn through JVZoo. We selected JVZoo because it has one of the best reputations for affiliate marketing and it is very easy to sign up and become a member.

So if you are not an affiliate for SQZIn then you need to click here, sign up as a free affiliate and then go here to request access to our affiliate program. We have already sold a large number of Lifetime Access memberships and we have good conversion metrics.


You have the chance to make money for doing next to nothing now. When you squeeze new content there will be a statement on every SQZIn page. It says “Powered By: SQZ In” and sits prominently in the top right-hand corner.

Some people will be naturally curious about this as they will probably have not heard of SQZIn before. This statement is actually a link, and when you become an affiliate for SQZIn you can enter your affiliate ID into your settings and this “Powered By” text will be your affiliate link.

Think about this – you will be sharing your content with a lot of people. If you use the “Discover Viral Content” feature then you have a very good chance that a lot of people will re-share the content. All of the time your affiliate link is there waiting to be clicked.

Even if you only make a few commissions sometimes that is money in your pocket for doing nothing. It doesn’t get any better than that does it! You are using SQZIn anyway for your own lead generation so why not spread the word and earn commissions?

OK this is what you need to do right now:

  • If you are not an affiliate for SQZIn then go here and sign up for a free JVZoo affiliate account and request an SQZIn affiliate link here
  • Log in to your SQZIn account and click on the “Settings” option on the left-hand menu. Under “Account Settings” you will see a field where you can enter your JVZoo Affiliate ID
  • Now squeeze a new piece of content and your affiliate link will be linked to the words “Powered By: SQZIn”
  • Keep squeezing new content to obtain new leads and make affiliate commissions for doing nothing

We want to share our success with you so make sure that you take this opportunity to become an SQZIn affiliate right now and enter your affiliate ID into your SQZIn settings. It’s so easy and if you continue to squeeze and share content then you have a great chance of making commissions. see you inside.


50% commission on all subscriptions from the customers you refer.


Paid at the end of each month for all active subscriptions from your referrals.


To qualify, your referrals must sign up using your unique affiliate link.

Join SQZin Affiliate program at this link