Generate Icon To Your CTA For Greater Impact



Now You Can Add Icons To Your CTA For Greater Impact

You need to do everything that you can to get your squeezed content CTA’s to be clicked by your readers, don’t you? Well, we have added a new feature to SQZIn recently which allows you to choose from over 670 customized icons that you can use for your CTA.

These icons look really great and you can see them here. There is a search function that will help you to find the icon that you are looking for and once you find it you will be able to edit it before finally downloading.

When you select the icon that you want to use you will be able to change the background settings, the icon settings, the shadow settings and the border settings. This puts you in total control so that you can have the icon image that will really draw attention to your CTA.

Background Settings

When you select the background settings for your icon you will be able to choose which shape it uses. The shape choices may vary but here are some of the options that you are likely to be presented with:

  • Circle
  • Square
  • Diamond
  • Hexagon with 6 sides
  • Octagon with 8 sides
  • Decagon with 10 sides

Just select what you want from the drop-down list and see your icon immediately change. Also in the background settings, you can change the dimensions of your icon. This normally defaults to 500 pixels but you can change this to just about anything you want using the slider provided. The image on the side won’t change but when you download it will be the size that you want.

Next in background settings is the opacity. There is a slider that you can drag either left or right to change the opacity of the background. Finally, there is the color option. You can add your own hex color code to change the background color.

Icon Settings

In the icon settings, you can change the size, opacity, and color of the icon itself. The size will normally default to 40% but you can easily change this using the slider provided. The range is from 5% to 100%. The image will change on the left as you do this so you can see what your icon will look like.

Next is the opacity setting for your icon. This defaults to “1” but with the slider, you can change this all the way down to zero. Again changes will be immediately reflected in the left-hand image.

The final icon set is the color. Again a hex color code is used and if you click in the color field then a color palette will appear and you can choose your color from there. The hex code will be automatically entered and the left-hand image will change so that you can see what it looks like.


Shadow Settings

Here you will have the option to change the depth of the shadow, the angle, the opacity and the color. The depth setting allows you to change from 100% to 0% by using the slider. The angle setting defaults at 45° but you can change this to anything from 0° to 360°.

With the opacity setting, you can select from 0 to 1 until you get it as you want it using the slider. And finally, the color of the shadow can be changed using a hex color code or the color palette which appears when you enter the field. All changes that you make are reflected in the left-hand side icon image.

Border Settings

Within border settings, you can change the size, opacity, and color. There is a slider for changing the size which normally defaults to 15%. You can decide to have no border (0%) or go all the way up to 50%.

The border opacity can be changed using the slider and the extremes are 0 and 1. The color of the border is easily changed using a hex color code or the color palette. As usual, you will see all changes reflected in the left-hand side image.

So to brighten up your CTA with this great new icon feature. Icons can really draw attention to your CTA so you can get really creative with this. We have supplied you with all of the tools so just add your imagination.